Intel Olympics VR: Athletes Stories

2019 Bronze Effie Award (Entertainment & Sports)

Shortlist: Cannes Entertainment Lions

Shortlist: AICP Next Awards

When athletes travel to the Olympics, they often leave loved ones back home. Imagine: your child is going to the Games. But, due to different circumstances, you can’t attend.

This year, as the worldwide VR partner for the 2018 Winter Olympics, Intel closed the gap and brought the games to you.

Media: Social / Digital



Case Study

We found 4 Olympians in South Korea, Japan, China, and the US. We shot films of them training, and their “love letters”

to their families in VR. We then traveled to the athletes’ hometowns, sharing the VR films with their loved ones.

For a moment,  we were able to close the distance and help them be united.


Long-form Docu-Story: Skating Though Obstacles

Check out the other two long-form documentaries: Two Teams, One Dream and Walk the Dream.


We captured VR contents of our athletes.

Download the NBC Sports VR app to fully experience it.


We created corresponding pre-rolls and promos.


Thank-you Gift

We sent our athletes and their families a custom-made box including a laptop and a VR headset, with their documentaries and their VR content loaded.


ECD: Marianne Besch | CD: Drew Jaz & Lorrin O'neil